Ewan Grant’s Double Race Update

The Mighty Deer Stalker 2015

“In the descending darkness a fiendish route lies waiting. Tweed jackets and pipes at the ready as you prepare to plough through mud filled trenches, scramble up scree slopes and navigate the night in the toughest off-road run in the UK over approximately 10miles. Then, after you’ve crawled across the finishline, stumble over to our legendary Beerstalker party tent and limber up for a bit of crowd surfing.”

deer stalker

 ”This is a gruelling race, not only cold and wet with extreme climbs and scrambles, it takes place from dusk into darkness…….”

Showing willing and a great time of 2 hours and 16 minutes Mr Grant exudes extreme fitness and stamina.

 The Garioch Half Marathon 2015

The Accord Energy ½ Marathon shares the same route as the 10K until the turn-off at Polinar Dam. At that point, Accord Energy ½ Marathon runners take a left towards Burnhervie. They then proceed to Chapel of Garioch, enjoying spectacular views of Bennachie along the way. A short downhill section then follows, before the now infamous climb at Dubstone and the well-deserved downhill finish.

Garioch Half Marathon

Finishing 69th out of a field of 471, a big push towards the end from Ewan almost achieved his personal best!

Being only the start of the season, you’re looking good Ewan…….

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