Petrex In-House Design: A Key Part in a Major Decommissioning Programme

As part of the Beatrice decommissioning project, it is required to severe Jacky power cable from Beatrice Alpha (Jacky is a satellite normally unmanned installation operated from Beatrice Alpha).

DecommissioningThe selected process consists in installing a winch above the power cable, attach the umbilical to the winch with a riser clamp installed by a rope access team and sever the umbilical with a hydraulic guillotine cutter. The umbilical will then be lowered to the sea bed and the winch disconnected by an ROV. The riser clamp will be designed in-house by Petrex and should accommodate for the large tolerance on the diameter of the cable. The clamp design is essential to ensure the lowering process is performed in a safe and controlled manner.

Furthermore, umbilical configuration only allows clamp installation by a rope access team and therefore, weight has to be optimised in order to facilitate the clamp installation process.

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