Ithaca Energy Anglia YM Redevelopment

Project overview:

The Anglia development is a gas producing facility located in the blocks 48/19a and 48/19b of southern North Sea region of the UKCS and ties back to the Conoco Phillips LOGGS facility.

First developed in the 1991/2 Anglia comprises of fixed installation platform supporting six platform wells (Anglia ‘YD’). Two ‘Western Development’ subsea wells, approximately 5km to the west of the platform were added in 1993 and tie back the Anglia platform with an 8” gas line and controls / chemical umbilical, this development is generally known as Anglia ‘YM’.

Key project objectives

  • Subcontract scopes and basis of design for the development
  • Procurement of  equipment for topside modifications
  • Management of subsea installation contractor, controls vendor, controls/metering & sand monitoring upgrades encompassing cost, schedule & technical scope
  • Offshore/Onshore supervision throughout project through to start-up
  • Charter of survey vessel for seabed inspection for jack-up



Petrex Scope:

The two subsea wells at Anglia YM have been ‘shut in’ for almost two years following the discovery of gas migration along the subsea hydraulic umbilical return line onto the platform, with its source being one of the SCSSSV (downhole safety valve) whilst the original subsea controls system has become unreliable and obsolete.

Anglia YM Redevelopment comprised of the FEED, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of the works to safely handle the gas migration. To attain this the legacy subsea controls system has been re-engineered and obsolete topside and subsea equipment replaced to return production from the two subsea wells.

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